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Our Services

Before we even get into the appliances, let us introduce you to exactly what you can expect from your service:

We Are

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Always professional and courteous
  • Trained and certified
  • Ready to help

Appointments Are

  • On time
  • Professional and affordable
  • Performed by expert technicians
  • Available 24×7 for emergency
  • Same day service

You Get

  • Truth and honesty throughout
  • Estimates before any work
  • A call-ahead before we arrive
  • 100% satisfaction in all work
  • 12 month part warranties

What brands do we service?

We get that question a lot so we’re dedicating this section to it. But in this case, it’s actually easier for us to list off the brands we do not service. Please see the list below for all unserviceable brands.

Unserviceable Brands:

None yet!

Brands which played in fire long enough that we can no longer distinguish what they actually are.

HVAC Units

Feeling a bit warm?

It’s possible to make it through a Georgia winter without the heater but you’re in a tough spot facing the summer without any AC. Our technicians are trained in servicing all HVAC makes and models to make sure your home/business is kept at the perfect temperature year round.

Common Problems
AC not workingThermostat doesn’t work
AC too weakLeaking water
Heat not workingWeird smells
Units will not turn on at allWeird noises


Sound like your HVAC system?

We are here to help! Day or night. Weekday or weekend. We have the experience and skills to fix any problem you face. And if at all possible, we’ll see you today!

Refrigerators and Freezers

We Stay on top of current technologies

There’s nothing worse than a failing refrigerator or freezer. You need it fixed fast to avoid losing everything inside. We keep up with all current training to insure we can get the job done right, every time.

Common Problems
Temperature is too cold or not cold enoughInconsistent power or none at all
Control panel malfunctioningLack of compression
Frost accumulationsLights aren’t working
Water LeakageFreezer no cycling on


Sound like your Refrigerator or Freezer?

Give us a call. We would be happy to talk to you about your options and give estimates on what it will cost to fix. And if at all possible, we’ll see you today!

Ice Machines

Georgia is hot. Your ice machine shouldn't be

There isn’t too much we need to say here. Georgia gets HOT. You need ice in your drink. If your ice maker (basic freezer model or full-blown commercial) is on the fritz, we know what to do.

Common Problems
Temperature is too cold or not cold enoughToo much ice
Control panel malfunctioningNo ice at all
Frost accumulationsBad taste to ice
Water LeakageOdd ice coloring


Sound like your Ice Machine?

We can get that ice machine up and running in time for the afternoon heat. And if at all possible, we’ll see you today!

Cooktops and Ovens

We like food done just right

It’s hard to eat food which isn’t cooked or is burnt to a crisp. Just like you, we want it perfectly done. And to make sure we get it that way, our technicians train hard to repair cooktops and ovens. We’ll do the job right and make sure you’re up and running for your upcoming meals.

Common Problems
Cooktop won’t turn onSparking
Can’t adjust the temperatureWeird noises
Indicator lights aren’t workingDoor not closing correctly
Hit or miss burner functionalityChild thought the oven door was a seat


Sound like your cooktop or oven?

Like we said, we want the same thing you do when it comes to our food being cooked correctly. You can trust our team to get you back up and cooking without any trouble. And if at all possible, we’ll see you today!

Washers and Dryers

Who doesn't like clean, dry clothes?

You just can’t beat a fresh-smelling blanket pulled out of a nice, toasty dryer. You can definitely beat a musty smelling blanket that came out of the dryer damp.

Common Problems
Water not drainingOverflowing
Tub not spinningLeaking Oil
No or weak agitationWeird smells
Not filling or filling too slowlyFailing to dry clothes


Sound like your cooktop or oven?

We can get the problem fixed and have you wrapped back up in that nice, toasty blanket in no time at all. Our technicians are all trained and knowledgable in repairing all types of washers and dryers. And if at all possible, we’ll see you today!


Like dirty dishes?

Unless you happen to be one of our dogs (or that cat who thinks he’s a dog), you probably aren’t a big fan of dirty dishes. And it definitely doesn’t look good when company comes over and you’re trying to hand wash the plates as they go to the table.

Common Problems
Leaking waterDishes aren’t completely clean after washing
No water at allGlassware stays cloudy
Cleaning cycle takes foreverControl buttons aren’t working
Hums and turns off without cleaningDoes not fully dry dishes


Sound like your dishwasher?

Well, probably time to toss it out then. Or give us a call and see what a true professional can do when it comes to problem appliances. We are here and ready to assist. And if at all possible, we’ll see you today!

Why Choose US

Satisfaction Guarantee

All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you aren't completely happy, let us know and we'll make it right!

A One-Stop Shop

No need to call different people for each problem appliance. Our team has the training and experience to handle everything.

Free Consultation

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